Crescent Global Oil is an oil and gas exploration company headquartered in Addison, Texas. The company's exploration and development properties are located in Paraguay, South America.

Crescent Global Oil Concession. Pirity Basin, Paraguay

Prospect overview
  • The Crescent Global Oil Concession covers 1,530,000 Ha. (3,825,000 acres) in the Pirity Basin of southwestern Paraguay.
  • The Pirity Basin is an extension, into Paraguay, of the productive Olmedo Basin of Argentina.
  • The terrain in this area is flat and featureless. A dry season from April to October provides a good drilling window.
  • Underutilized production facilities exist at Palmar Largo. Alternatively trucking to the refinery near Asuncion in Paraguay is expected to cost approximately $US 7.0/bbl.
  • Paraguay consumes approximately 23,000 Bopd. It has a 7,500 Bopd refinery and imports crude from Palmar Largo to this facility. It also imports petroleum products from Argentina.

Regional geology factors

  • The Olmedo Basin in Argentina has 155 exploration wells and has produced 152 MMbo - the Pirity Basin has 8 wells with no production to date.
  • Oil in this area is 40 deg. API with low sulfur.  

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